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Unlock the secret to supercharged hydration with our "Perfect Pair" Bundle!


Here’s a quick and easy tip for supercharging and personalising your skincare routine to transform it into a powerhouse of hydration. This is the hydration booster your skin has been craving!


Elevate your skincare routine effortlessly by mixing 2 to 4 drops of our Rejuvenating Face Oil with the Golden Jojoba Face Cream, then apply. It's the perfect way to customise your skincare! With the flexibility to adjust the amount of Rejuvenating Face Oil based on your skin's unique needs each day, this dynamic duo becomes your personal skincare dream team.


Our Rejuvenating Face Oil is also a standalone hydration superhero for those days when your skin needs an extra boost. Whether used alone or combined with your favorite moisturiser, its potent blend of natural botanical oils will leave your skin feeling replenished, radiant, and oh-so-hydrated.


The Perfect Pair Bundle contains:

1 x Rejuvenating Face Oil; and

1 x Golden Jojoba Face Cream


Experience the ultimate in skincare versatility with the Perfect Pair Bundle from Botanical Skincare Lab. Give your skin the love and nourishment it deserves with this dynamic duo, and watch as your complexion transforms into a picture of glowing, youthful beauty.

Bundle: The Perfect Pair

AU$68.00 Regular Price
AU$62.00Sale Price
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